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Flip32 All In One (Pro) Flight Controller V1.03

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The FLIP32 AIO (all-in-one) Pro Version flight controller includes a Flip32, MinimOSD, 5V 3A UBEC supporting up to 6S, 90A current sensor, a MS5611 barometer and PDB all on a 35x35mm PCB with 30x30mm mounting holes.

This version of the Flip32 AIO uses improved components and design that will properly limit the voltage to the MinimOSD preventing voltage spike and damage to the OSD.

• STM103 MCU runs Cleanflight firmware
• 8PWM output, supports Octocopter
• MS5611 Barometer
• Only 35x35mm, mount holes 30x30mm
• Onboard USB (for config the OSD and FC)
• 5V 3A UBEC (2-6S)
• OSD hardware, Compatible with MinimOSD/MWOSD/CC3D OSD
• Small PDB
• Current and voltage sensors
• Better OSD Chip used with less power consumption
• 2x Software serial, 2x Hardware serial ports

** This version ONLY Supports SPPM and Serial RX, an external SBUS inverter is needed.

Dimensions: 35 x 35 mm (30 x 30mm mounting holes)
Weight: 17g including wiring

Flip 32 AIO Flight Controller

Shipping weight: 
20 g
Shipping dimensions: 
35 × 35 × 10 mm