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BrOSD - Stackable OSD and BEC for Naze 32

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  • On board 5V and 12V switching power supplies.

  • Direct connections to naze when stacked.

  • Cam and vtx 3pin headers with selectable 12v or 5v power from onboard regs.

  • Can power naze and anything else attached to naze, so you can disconnect the red power wire from all escs. 

  • On board micro USB plug for flashing/configuring your favourite OSD software. Anything that works on MinimOSD will also work on this.

  • Voltage dividers for both battery sources (main battideo batt voltage sensors).

  • Series protection resistors for RSSI and current sensor connections. RSSI can be filtered from high- frequency PWM into an analogue signal by enabling the RSSI filter solder jumper.

  • Extremely bright, blinding LEDs

  • 35x35mm board, can be stacked on or under Naze sized flight controllers.   

  • Easily program and flash to latest firmware using usb.

Please note: when programming and especially when uploading fonts/gui  -  power to the board must be applied as well as being connected to the usb to programm

Setup instuctions can be found on flying robot



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15 g
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35 × 35 × 5 mm