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Whats new in April

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 14:40 - guilhem

We have new products for april :

micro fpv emitter 5.8GHz lightweight

The tiny but powerfull 200mw 5.8GHz video emitter is now available on the Boscam Band E.

CCD openpilot board in stock

The openpilot CC3D board and its  3d printed case are now available with side pins.

RCX 1804 brushless motor

We are starting to carry the well known RCX tiny brushless motors 1804 , and soon we will carry their 10A ESC, and their small carbon fiber quadcopter and hexacopter.

32 channels receiver fatshark phantom and Immersionrc compatible for FPV

The tiny 32 channel receiver from flysight that can receive Fatshark and ImmersionRC frequencies is now back in stock

TS832 video emitter for FPV phantom compatible

The well known 32 channels 600mw video emmiter TS832 from boscam, with its 800+ meters range with stock antennas

RC32S Boscam Receiver 32 channels for FPV phantom compatible

Its maching 32 channels receiver, the RC32S, with its unique auto scan feature

RC 305 and TS 351 FPV starter kit

We also have now a RX + TX FPV startup kit (TS351 + RC305) from Boscam , some well known references that have made their proof on the field