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New products that makes your racing 250 quad cleaner and easyer to build

Fri, 07/17/2015 - 16:46 - guilhem

Naze 32 PDB

The special naze 32 pdb will remove great length of esc cables. It also includes leds, the naze buzzer, a filter on the video feed, and female headers so that you just have to clip your naze board on it. The PDB is compatible with the ZMR 250 style frame, and of course our RCX 250 carbon fiber quadcopter frame.

Go to the naze 32 / 32+ PCB product page

Naze 32 OSD : the BrOSD

This is a MinimOSD that march the Naze 32 pins so that you can just stack it over or under that Naze 32 board. It also provide 2 switching power supply of 5v and 12v so that you you can power the naze and your camera / receiver with it. You do not need an external BEC if you have opto ESC like the SN20A.

Discover more about the Naze OSD BrOSD