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Changing the radio module of an openLRS radio receiver

Tue, 02/18/2014 - 13:25 - guilhem

Why would you need to change your radio module

You may need it if it is broken, or if you want to change the base frequencies of your system.

If you cannot bind your radio receiver to your emiter, but everything else is working fine ( LEDs, and firmeware updates ), your radio receiver is broken : it is time to change it.

You may also want to change the base frequency, and this is very easy to do because the RFM22B is available in 3 different base frequencies : 433/868/915MHZ, that are all supported by openLRSng.

materiel necessaire : un module radio rfm22b

Changing the RFM22B module

The easiest is to use some solder wick, I find it much easier than using a pump. 

radio module rfm22b unsoldering

Now you can replace the radio module, beeing carfull not to heat it too much.

The receiver binds again with the emmiter, success !

le récepteur openlrs fonctionne a nouveau

Do not forget to have an antenna connected to your receiver if it is powered on.